New Members
Posted by: Archive Bot, 27 Jul 2002 18:28
Welcome to all of our newest members who have joined over the last couple of weeks.
  • Crimson
  • iJasonT
  • Siygess
  • Saberlord
  • Raejin99
  • ZeeAudd
  • Sterling
  • Xarbo
  • Chronus
  • galaxiesgirl
  • Kapu
  • moonraker66
  • Damessh
  • Acritus
  • Slyblaster
  • Spiff Antilles
  • kebernet
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New Chairman
Posted by: Archive Bot, 27 Jul 2002 17:02
Now that the Board of Directors for this term are settled in, the new Chairman of the Board has been selected.

As the previous Chairman, I have decided not go for the position again this term so that I could focus on other matters.
So Romsuiag has stepped up and won the approval of the Board to take them through this term.
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Election results
Posted by: Archive Bot, 17 Jul 2002 20:04
All the results are now finally in for the Section Elections. After a tie-breaking revote for Sections 4 & 7, the new Board of Director line-up looks like this.
  • Section 1: Romsuiag
  • Section 2: Obo al'Can
  • Section 3: Cyrus Rex
  • Section 4: Xior
  • Section 5: X2-PB (Anton Karmola)
  • Section 6: Mantison Tau'rus
  • Section 7: Marrok Kazem'de
  • Section 8: Vosk
  • Section 9: Master Edward (Rak Hagga)

Congratulations to all, especially the four new Board members.
The Directors will now select their deputies, as defined by the recently approved amendment to the Charter, and the Board will select its Chairman.

The next phase of the set-up of the Departments is now under way, as nominations for the positions of departmental secretaries are now being accepted. Head over to the forums to find out more.

Also, I'd like to say congratulations (despite what the Devs say ) to slugeater and the other members of Avian (who didn't shout it from the rooftops ) who have been accepted into Beta 1. Try not to enjoy yourselves too much while you do all that work.
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Voting has begun.
Posted by: Archive Bot, 10 Jul 2002 03:21
Voting has begun on the current round of elections for the Board of Directors.
But we have a new voting system in place; so don't start bombarding me with messages saying who you want to vote for.

If you are logged in (via the forums), you will be seeing a window in the sidebar button panel to the left containing some personal links. Members will see the "Section Archive" link, which will take you to an area of the site only viewable by the members of your Section.
From there you will find details of the current election and will be able to vote for your preferred candidate.

But the elections aren’t over after this week. Over the next few weeks we will be holding elections for positions within the newly created Departments (see amendment in the Charter, government section) including Department Secretaries and Department Heads. Further details can be found in the members forums.
We will also be holding an election for the soon to be approved President of Avian.
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Posted by: Archive Bot, 02 Jul 2002 00:14
First of all, we’ve had another load of members join us over the last two weeks.
Welcome to…
  • Kayd
  • Samiam
  • Rhyyl Morganus
  • Relus Isilanta
  • Wookie1
  • Roan
  • Kyp Darron
  • Tasp Kole
  • LazyAmy
  • Janal Kaine
  • Lenny Carson
  • Angus MacGregor
  • Symian
  • Perseus
  • Gui-Jan Itor
  • Kester Sol
  • Morgan Drago

It’s election time once again in Avian, and the process for nominations in all nine Sections has begun this morning. The total length of the election process, including nominations and voting, should be two weeks, which will mean that our new elected Board of Directors will begin their three month term on July 15th, otherwise known as Beta Day.

If you’re interested in running for your Section, or just want to find out the details, head over to the members forums now.
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Site updates
Posted by: Archive Bot, 01 Jul 2002 21:36
I've finally managed to get around to adding the new Avian FAQ to the site. Click on the button on the sidebar.
The FAQ will continue to be added to and amended to reflect the evolution of Avian as we come closer and closer to the launch of the game, and beyond.

Also the government section has now been reintegrated into the Charter, with the recently approved Departments Amendment added in too.
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New Section 5 Leader
Posted by: Archive Bot, 16 Jun 2002 22:52
During the week the other big news item in Avian other than the server move, has been the election for a temporary replacement for Cetera for the Section 5 Leader position.

Cetera had to step down so he could devote more time to real life needs.
In his place, X2-PB has been elected to the Board of Directors by his section in a vote between himself and Phoebus Apollo. X2-PB steps in to complete Cetera's term, which ends after the completion of a scheduled General Section Election in July.
Congratulations X2-PB.

Now for details on the server move if you haven’t heard already.
Early last week we had reached our monthly bandwidth limits for the hosting package we were on, and so the hosting company immediately suspended the account. We were in fact projected to use over 3 times the amount of bandwidth allotted to us.
In investigating what was needed to get the site back up as quickly as possible we decided it was better to find a more suitable hosting package than pay the excessive amounts for extra bandwidth that was being asked for.

So we are now on a new host, with much better prices and a much better all round package and service. So we should stay up and running.

There are still one or kinks to be worked out due to the move, but we are now back on track again.
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Please Excuse The Dust - We're Rebuilding Don't You Know!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 13 Jun 2002 22:20
I hope that most of you were kept up to date with what was happening to our server over the past few days. If you didn't even realise, then forget I said anything!

It's been a hard slog, but we're delighted to have the site up and running again. There may still be some limited problems in certain places, but on the whole things appear to be getting back to normal.

If you do experience problems with the site, then let us know.

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Yet more members!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 11 Jun 2002 04:52
Seven new Avian members:





Royur Agnor

Liberty Rhineheart


Welcome all.

The initial set of Avian FAQs has finally been approved and will be appearing on the site shortly.
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Another trio added to the list.
Posted by: Archive Bot, 04 Jun 2002 21:54
Another three new members of the Avian family.

Welcome, Wuyavae, Kayd and Grenn the Robe.
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