Voting has begun.
Posted by: Archive Bot, 10 Jul 2002 03:21
Voting has begun on the current round of elections for the Board of Directors.
But we have a new voting system in place; so don't start bombarding me with messages saying who you want to vote for.

If you are logged in (via the forums), you will be seeing a window in the sidebar button panel to the left containing some personal links. Members will see the "Section Archive" link, which will take you to an area of the site only viewable by the members of your Section.
From there you will find details of the current election and will be able to vote for your preferred candidate.

But the elections aren’t over after this week. Over the next few weeks we will be holding elections for positions within the newly created Departments (see amendment in the Charter, government section) including Department Secretaries and Department Heads. Further details can be found in the members forums.
We will also be holding an election for the soon to be approved President of Avian.


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