Three more members!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 03 Jun 2002 07:47
Three new members added to the Avain ranks over the last couple of days.

So welcome to Hasol, Venerable Vulcan and Vosk.
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Wow, an update!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 01 Jun 2002 01:02
It's been a while since we've had a news update, so first of all I'd like to say welcome to all of our newest members. We have received 20 new members in the past two weeks, pushing us beyond the 100 mark.

So welcome to...


Diamond Shadow








Phoebus Apollo

Ace Azzameen



Lord Viro


Janica Soms





As you may have noticed, the forums have moved onto the domain, and had an upgrade along the way. This marks the start of some changes on the site that will hopefully make your pre-game PA life that little bit easier. But we’re in a bit of a transitional state atm, so please forgive the mess while I go find a hoover. :)

Soon the long-awaited FAQ will be added to the site, which will answer some of the most common questions about Avian, and correct some misconceptions too.

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88 Members And Rising!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 15 May 2002 23:00
We've had a major influx of members over the last week and a half. So welcome to...



Torrsk Rka'sar


Deak Almar

Steze Alptikan


Locke Trinmin

Bret Swanson

Onto Kracken

Fatul Strafe

Boris Boxite

I hope you will all be very happy in Avian.

With these recent additions, Avian's number of total members has now reached the soaring heights of 88.
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Welcome to Our Latest Members...
Posted by: Archive Bot, 04 May 2002 23:00
Jolan Tru


Jedi Orion

Zarim Rasker

Valdir Kornota


The Section 6 election is now complete, and Dragon Fire is the new Section Leader. Congratulations!

As you may have noticed, Avian has taken part in SlicerHQ's Player Association Interview series. Due to the unfortunate absence of Khalan, I have taken the time to answer the questions on behalf of the PA. You can find the interview, conducted by AEdis Lymbo (aka Mofo-Dawg), here .

Have you received your Star Wars Galaxies newsletter yet? If so and have gotten over your beta application excitement, then check out the From the Forums feature.

The featured thread from the Roleplaying Forum this month is by our very own Lendo Horran, who has taken up the challenge to start an Avian Technology and Trade story. Numerous Avian members have already taken part, so head over and check it out.
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Posted by: Archive Bot, 23 Apr 2002 23:00
I'd like to welcome our four newest members...




Jdnaj Keng

After it's recent formation, the new line up for the Board of Directors has elected its new Chairman of the Board. And that unlucky sod is yours truly.

But the elections aren't over yet! Because he won't pay his phone bill, Ricun Jalei, Section Leader for Section 6, is stepping down from his recently reelected role due to lack of time to devote to his position. His presence will be sorely missed in the BoD. But it means his seat is now up for grabs, so if you are a member of Section 6, head over to the members forums to find out the details of this latest election.
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Posted by: Archive Bot, 15 Apr 2002 23:00
Welcome to our most recent addition to the PA, Shane.

Over the weekend we finished off our latest election for the Section Leader positions (which make up the Board of Directors) for seven of the nine sections. The victors were...

Section 1: Romsuiag

Section 4: Xior

Section 5: Cetera

Section 6: Ricun Jalei

Section 7: Ayre

Section 8: Sxylu Ja'hil

Section 9: Armin Talmari

Congratulations to all.

The first order of business for the new Board of Directors will be to elect a new Chairman, which will happen this week.
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Posted by: Archive Bot, 07 Apr 2002 00:00
Welcome to our two latest members, Kyl_Ketay & Danrak Harmanius.

One of our recent additions to the Avian team, Sxylu Ja'hil, who you may know as Reng_Kole on the Dev boards, has complied his "Art of Crafting" series of essays into his final all-encompassing version called The Complete Art of Crafting.

This is an excellent read that guides us through the entire 'crafting' process, based on all of the facts we know so far. He takes us through the lifetime of a player crafted item, from the surveying & extraction of natural resources, onto the design and manufacture process, and finally onto to maintenance & salvage.

You can find The Complete Art of Crafting over in the Articles section on the SWG: Database .
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Welcome to Our New Site
Posted by: Archive Bot, 02 Apr 2002 00:00
Well as you may have noticed we now have a new domain name ( and new site layout. Although the new layout is just temporary, it is step one in a hopefully major redesign of the site that will give both added functionality and information for members and visitors.

As we were in a bit of a news blackout there for a while with Poil being away, I better take care of some business.

I'd like to say welcome to all our latest members;


Mantison Tau'rus

Vaera Manus



Sxylu Ja'hil (aka Reng_Kole)


Lorn Pavon




Welcome to Avian Technology and Trade, and I hope you all enjoy your stay.

It's Election time in the PA again. Over the next two weeks we will holding elections for Sections 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, for the position Section Leaders (who make up the Board of Directors). All members should head over to the forums to find out more, to ensure you get your say in this important vote.
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Congratulations To The Election Winners!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 06 Feb 2002 23:00
We now have two new Board Directors : Obo for section 2 and Cyrus Rex for section 3. Welcome aboard guys!
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Important Announcements
Posted by: Archive Bot, 04 Feb 2002 23:00
Another new member : Jarun Thaks.

After the resignation of Slugeater and because Sared Kilvan has gone AWOL, new elections will take place in sections 2 and 3. If you are in one of these sections and would like to become the Director of your section, please send an email to Poil Brun to let the PA know that you are a candidate. You have until Sunday 02/03/02 to do this, and the vote will take place between Monday 02/04/02 and Sunday 02/10/02.

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