Election results
Posted by: Archive Bot, 17 Jul 2002 20:04
All the results are now finally in for the Section Elections. After a tie-breaking revote for Sections 4 & 7, the new Board of Director line-up looks like this.
  • Section 1: Romsuiag
  • Section 2: Obo al'Can
  • Section 3: Cyrus Rex
  • Section 4: Xior
  • Section 5: X2-PB (Anton Karmola)
  • Section 6: Mantison Tau'rus
  • Section 7: Marrok Kazem'de
  • Section 8: Vosk
  • Section 9: Master Edward (Rak Hagga)

Congratulations to all, especially the four new Board members.
The Directors will now select their deputies, as defined by the recently approved amendment to the Charter, and the Board will select its Chairman.

The next phase of the set-up of the Departments is now under way, as nominations for the positions of departmental secretaries are now being accepted. Head over to the forums to find out more.

Also, I'd like to say congratulations (despite what the Devs say ) to slugeater and the other members of Avian (who didn't shout it from the rooftops ) who have been accepted into Beta 1. Try not to enjoy yourselves too much while you do all that work.


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