New Section 5 Leader
Posted by: Archive Bot, 16 Jun 2002 22:52
During the week the other big news item in Avian other than the server move, has been the election for a temporary replacement for Cetera for the Section 5 Leader position.

Cetera had to step down so he could devote more time to real life needs.
In his place, X2-PB has been elected to the Board of Directors by his section in a vote between himself and Phoebus Apollo. X2-PB steps in to complete Cetera's term, which ends after the completion of a scheduled General Section Election in July.
Congratulations X2-PB.

Now for details on the server move if you haven’t heard already.
Early last week we had reached our monthly bandwidth limits for the hosting package we were on, and so the hosting company immediately suspended the account. We were in fact projected to use over 3 times the amount of bandwidth allotted to us.
In investigating what was needed to get the site back up as quickly as possible we decided it was better to find a more suitable hosting package than pay the excessive amounts for extra bandwidth that was being asked for.

So we are now on a new host, with much better prices and a much better all round package and service. So we should stay up and running.

There are still one or kinks to be worked out due to the move, but we are now back on track again.


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