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Posted by: Archive Bot, 06 Apr 2008 00:45
Recently Metaplace released their first public look (other than a few stress tests) of their platform, in the form of MetaChat.
It was a chat room app (with avatars/pictures in a 2D space) originally released on MySpace, then Metaplace's forums and then Facebook. All of which connected to the same chat world.

They then put out a call for forum communities to test out placing the same type of app on their sites to test out it's features and integrating with other sites. I decided to go ahead and apply for the 'Community Testing', and lo and behold we were picked!

So we are now going to be one of the first forum communities outside of the official forums to test and play around with a Metaplace world. Yay, go us!

This app will pull in your site logged in username and profile pic (although there is a problem with using the profile pics atm). Speaking of which, remember Metaplace is still alpha. Things might break, but things are changing rapidly.

You can go here to enter the chat.

And you can discuss here


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