Posted by: Archive Bot, 02 Jul 2002 00:14
First of all, we’ve had another load of members join us over the last two weeks.
Welcome to…
  • Kayd
  • Samiam
  • Rhyyl Morganus
  • Relus Isilanta
  • Wookie1
  • Roan
  • Kyp Darron
  • Tasp Kole
  • LazyAmy
  • Janal Kaine
  • Lenny Carson
  • Angus MacGregor
  • Symian
  • Perseus
  • Gui-Jan Itor
  • Kester Sol
  • Morgan Drago

It’s election time once again in Avian, and the process for nominations in all nine Sections has begun this morning. The total length of the election process, including nominations and voting, should be two weeks, which will mean that our new elected Board of Directors will begin their three month term on July 15th, otherwise known as Beta Day.

If you’re interested in running for your Section, or just want to find out the details, head over to the members forums now.


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