Avian Crafting Exposition
Posted by: Archive Bot, 06 Oct 2003 21:29
The Department of the Interior will be hosting the first ever, public Avian Crafting Expo (ACE) this Saturday 1:00pm US Pacific at the Avian PA Hall. All players of the Chilastra server are welcomed to attend.

At ACE, this Saturday 1:00pm US Pacific, there will be a very large selection of crafts available, both pre-made and custom made. So be sure to bring your credits and go on an Avian shopping spree.

ACEis not a one-time thing mind you. This event will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday's of every month.

Event Plan: Avian Crafting Exposition (ACE)

HOST: The Department of Interior
ATTENDEES: All players. Crafters, retailers, and consumers.
DATE: The 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month
TIME: 1pm PST, 4pm EST, 9pm GMT
LOCATION: The Avian PA Hall. 2 minutes SE of Keren, Naboo, and the Avian Nest which is just a few meters SE of the Hall. /waypoint 1070 1570
MISSION: To provide a fun and efficient market experience for all. Crafters will be present to craft and sell their goods to retailers (resale), and to consumers (personal use).
MISC INFO:High quality crafting stations of all kinds are available for public use at the back room of the Hall.
Roleplaying is encouraged.

We look forward to seeing all of you there! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Romsuiag or WarRedd (Warnel in-game).
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New Inactivity Policy
Posted by: Archive Bot, 16 Aug 2003 02:17
In an effort to remove our long-time inactive members the BoD and OoP have approved a new inactivty policy that will temporarily replace the current one. The announcement of the policy can be found at the link: New Legislation: New Inactivity Policy

Another announcement related to this has been made. The link is: IMPORTANT: Check in with the roll-call

Please be sure you read and understand this fully. It is equally important to every member. Thank you.
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more on mail
Posted by: Archive Bot, 13 Aug 2003 19:34
If you have a message you wish to send to our Board of Directors, please now use bod at swg-avian.net.
All other mail queries can be sent to obo at swg-avian.net.
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Sending a mail to swg-avian.net?
Posted by: Archive Bot, 31 Jul 2003 17:37
Ever since the problems we were having with our site, the @swg-avian.net email accounts have not been working.
We hope to have this resolved fairly shortly, but if you have sent a message over the past month or two, specifically to those address in the contacts page, then your message will not have been received.

We greatly apologise for any inconvenience due to this problem, but if you have a message you wish to send to Avian, then please either use our forums or send your message to owenc at indigo.ie and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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The newest Chairman of the BoD
Posted by: Archive Bot, 26 Jul 2003 03:54
Congratulations are in order for Orbital (Jaero) who has just been voted in as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The BoD should have a busy term coming up for them so we wish Orbital and the other Directors the best of luck getting things taken care of.
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Board of Director Election Results
Posted by: Archive Bot, 23 Jul 2003 01:43
Congratulations to the following new Directors.
Section 1 - Blackjim (Rubenn Drago)
Section 2 - Bossman Intrepid
Section 3 - Orbital (Jaero)
Section 4 - ExarKun809 (Wiegraf Terrik)
Section 5 - X2-PB (Antan Karmola)
Section 6 - Red Trosky
Section 7 - Royur_Agnor (Baslo)
Section 8 - dbakke (Latru'alin)
Section 9 - Master Edward

The Chairman election is now underway, and in the voting stage. The two candidates are section 3's Orbital (Jaero), and section 5's X2-PB (Antan). Good luck to both of them.
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Avian Technologies is now up and running
Posted by: Archive Bot, 06 Jul 2003 20:33
Well, it was a tough 'ol week in the Chilastra Galaxy but Avian is now officially in business. The local authorities refused permission on the use of the "Avian Technology and Trade" name, so we are now under the name Avian Technologies.

I'd like to thank everybody who dedicated so much time and effort into getting the Hall build. Congratulations to every single one of you.
The hall is located just south of Keren on the planet Naboo at 1076x1563. For those we are not in the area, here is a little holoshot...

The first A-Mart is also open for business outside the Nabooian capital city of Theed, at -5579x3410. Drop by to have a look at the latest offerings.
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Release Date announced and NDA go bye-bye
Posted by: Archive Bot, 26 Jun 2003 12:46
As you have no doubt heard, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided is to be released in the US on the 26th June 2003, a mere six days from now.

The beta NDA has also just been lifted, so get into the forums and start grilling those beta members for every scrap of information.

There will also be vital information in the forum for all members to catch up on before release.
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Server problems.
Posted by: Archive Bot, 26 Jun 2003 12:42
Well, as you may have noticed, the site was down for a week due to problems with server host.

So we moved (almost) everything over the kebernet's house for the time being at least, and are back up for the moment with the bare essentials.

I have restricted the forum use to just two temporary forums, one public one private, while I wait to fill some gaping holes. These temporary forums are just that, temporary. Don't expect their contents to stick around after everything is back to normal.

You will be experiencing problems with staying logged into the site right now, but stay patient while everything works itself out.
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Avian Chooses Chilastra
Posted by: Archive Bot, 26 Jun 2003 10:02
It is with great joy that Avian Technology & Trade has decided to join the many respectable PAs on the Chilastra (East Coast) server. Since the release snuck up on all of us we had to act fast to finalize a decision. A meeting of the Board of Directors and the Presidential Office discussed and decided to join our friends in SWG on Chilastra.

In addition to our server, Avian also decided to meet up on Day One at the city of Keren on Naboo. There we will begin our long journey towards the construction of our PA Hall. The location of our hall has not been finalized and it still up in the air.

Those that attended this meeting are confident in our decision that we have chosen the best server and an appropriate city to launch our operations.

Since the long awaited release day of Star Wars Galaxies is upon us we are all very excited to start our new virtual lives in a galaxy far far away.
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