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Jolan Tru


Jedi Orion

Zarim Rasker

Valdir Kornota


The Section 6 election is now complete, and Dragon Fire is the new Section Leader. Congratulations!

As you may have noticed, Avian has taken part in SlicerHQ's Player Association Interview series. Due to the unfortunate absence of Khalan, I have taken the time to answer the questions on behalf of the PA. You can find the interview, conducted by AEdis Lymbo (aka Mofo-Dawg), here .

Have you received your Star Wars Galaxies newsletter yet? If so and have gotten over your beta application excitement, then check out the From the Forums feature.

The featured thread from the Roleplaying Forum this month is by our very own Lendo Horran, who has taken up the challenge to start an Avian Technology and Trade story. Numerous Avian members have already taken part, so head over and check it out.


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