Posted by: Archive Bot, 07 Apr 2002 00:00
Welcome to our two latest members, Kyl_Ketay & Danrak Harmanius.

One of our recent additions to the Avian team, Sxylu Ja'hil, who you may know as Reng_Kole on the Dev boards, has complied his "Art of Crafting" series of essays into his final all-encompassing version called The Complete Art of Crafting.

This is an excellent read that guides us through the entire 'crafting' process, based on all of the facts we know so far. He takes us through the lifetime of a player crafted item, from the surveying & extraction of natural resources, onto the design and manufacture process, and finally onto to maintenance & salvage.

You can find The Complete Art of Crafting over in the Articles section on the SWG: Database .


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