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Posted by: Cyrus Rex, 17 May 2011 17:33

Avian is not your average guild. Avian is a socially driven player association pursuing gaming enjoyment across multiple games. We host a community of causal, hardcore, role playing, PvP, and PvE gamers in a friendly and cooperative environment. Our goal is to discover new games, enjoy those games with friends, and maintain the highest quality social gaming community.

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Hello World
Posted by: Obo, 17 May 2011 17:15
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Age of Conan Alliance formed
Posted by: Archive Bot, 18 Jun 2008 03:41
Avian Gamers Network and The Crescent Order have formed an Alliance for Age of Conan to forge a stronger in-game Guild. You can find our Guild In-Game on the Wiccana server as The Alliance.

You can also locate the Alliance out-of-game at Forums.TheAllianceGamersNetwork.com. The Alliance is still open to other PA's, so any interested parties can contact Master Gui-Jan/Gui-Jan Itor and/or blur on either Avian's forums, TCO's forums or on The Alliance's forums.
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MetaChat on Avian site
Posted by: Archive Bot, 06 Apr 2008 00:45
Recently Metaplace released their first public look (other than a few stress tests) of their platform, in the form of MetaChat.
It was a chat room app (with avatars/pictures in a 2D space) originally released on MySpace, then Metaplace's forums and then Facebook. All of which connected to the same chat world.

They then put out a call for forum communities to test out placing the same type of app on their sites to test out it's features and integrating with other sites. I decided to go ahead and apply for the 'Community Testing', and lo and behold we were picked!

So we are now going to be one of the first forum communities outside of the official forums to test and play around with a Metaplace world. Yay, go us!

This app will pull in your site logged in username and profile pic (although there is a problem with using the profile pics atm). Speaking of which, remember Metaplace is still alpha. Things might break, but things are changing rapidly.

You can go here to enter the chat.

And you can discuss here
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Avian Superbowl Swami: Aranath!
Posted by: Archive Bot, 04 Feb 2008 20:44
Congrats to Aranath for winning the Superbowl prediction contest. Not only did he correctly guess the winner of the contest between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, but he also gave us this pre-game analysis:

"If its a high scoring game the Giants lose.

If a low scoring game, the Giants got a chance.

I can't stand Belacheat so Im going with the Giants

Giants 19
Pats 16"

With the Giants historic win over the Pats with a score of 17-14, it's Aranath that gets the "Avian Swami" award! So congrats to you Aranath!
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New Leadership Committee Elected
Posted by: Archive Bot, 21 Nov 2007 16:53
Your new Leadership Committee is in place and ready to listen!

The new Committee is Talon1977, Cordalis and Master Gui-Jan. If you have anything you need addressed, or if you have suggestions for the Committee please feel free to either post in the Member Forums, or PM one of the Committee members directly.
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PotBS has Avian abuzz
Posted by: Archive Bot, 07 Jun 2007 20:57
Avian was founded as a trading company during the 2 year build up of SWG. While we have moved on to play WoW and Eve mostly we are always looking out for a new MMO.

Recently, Avians have been clammering about Pirates of the Burning Sea. Boasting a strong community and what seems like an excellent trade system PotBS has us all very excited and we get to be Pirates!

Check out our PotBS forums inside.
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Change in Government
Posted by: Archive Bot, 07 Feb 2007 22:09
Sorry for the delay in posting this on the Front Page. This has been in the Member area for 2 months now.

We should expect the first Council Elections to start soon, at which point the new Government Structure will be in full effect.

The BoD and Office of the President have approved this document to replace the current government structure.......This Committee was designed to have minimal power, mainly functioning just as a check on the Wing Leaders in case it's ever necessary.

See full posting, along with Charter Revisions here (note: this link only works for members of Avian Gamers Network)
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Excellent Console Review by Madson
Posted by: Archive Bot, 05 Dec 2006 22:34
To celebrate his 1 year anniversary as an upstanding member of Avian Gamers, Madson broke it down for us on the new generation of game consols. Check out Madson's reasons for becoming Microsoft's biggest fanboy here: Madson's Consol Review

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Saying Goodbye to Star Wars: Galaxies
Posted by: Archive Bot, 13 Oct 2006 15:47
We are closing down our SWG member forums, due to a lack of active players within Avian-Gamers Network. We will keep our Public SWG Forum open for news and discussion of the game, and if interest does reemerge for SWG we can reopen the Forums in the future.

Please join me in a moment of silence..
Ok, during that moment were you also thinking about how much you hate Sony for messing up a great opportunity? I thought so.

See you in WoW!
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