Happy Birthday Avain! 5 years old... some time last month
Posted by: Archive Bot, 12 Jul 2006 19:22
Okay, so none of us old fogies can't quite remember the actual date this fine group of degenerates was formed all those eons ago. Just goes to show that The Grind© really can have an ill effect on the aul noggin.

But sometime in early June 2001 is as a safe bet as any.

So that means we are now Five Years Old!! /party

I'm sure a few of us are surprised we made it past five months let alone this long.
And in true Avian tradition, we were late to the party! Most likely too busy whacking foozles off on some imaginary plain of existence to take any notice.

For my part I'd like to thank all members past, present and hopefully future for making this a great place to hang out the last few years, and with any luck a few more to come. You’ve all sucked up my time that could probably have been well spent doing something much more interesting!!1! But where would the fun be in that...

/chant "Five more years!"


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