BoD Elections Q2 2003
Posted by: Archive Bot, 21 Apr 2003 19:48
Board of Director Elections:
The elections for BoD term Q2 2003 are complete. We have an interesting mix of new and old Directors so things should be interesting. Here are the Directors:
Section 1: Killgorian
Section 2: Golga Bolg
Section 3: Cyrus Rex
Section 4: Angus MacGregor
Section 5: Dumin
Section 6: Dragon Fire
Section 7: Marrok
Section 8: Vor Kragresh
Section 9: Ravage

Deputy Director Selection:
The new DDs have also been named for this upcoming term. They are:
Section 1: Blackjim
Section 2: Bossman Intrepid
Section 3: Afilex
Section 4: Xior
Section 5: Cetera
Section 6: Ricun Jalei
Section 7: Royur_Agnor
Section 8: dbakke
Section 9: Odds

Chairman Election:
After a tightly fought contest, Cyrus Rex emerged as the new chairman of the BoD.


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