BoD Elections
Posted by: Archive Bot, 07 Apr 2003 21:18
The Voting stage has begun for the Board of Directors Q2 2003 term. You may want to read some of the candidates' platforms in the member boards or in President Gui-Jan's thread [url=]Section Director Elections have Begun![/url] After that you can visit your Section Archive to vote.

Here are your candidates:
Section 1: Killgorian & LazyAmy
Section 2: Golga Bolg
Section 3: Cyrus Rex
Section 4: Angus MacGregor
Section 5: X2-PB, Brax & Dumin
Section 6: Dragon Fire, Red_Trosky, Arindel & Talon1977
Section 7: Rocklar & Marrok
Section 8: Kehotek & Vor Kragresh
Section 9: Ravage

Good luck to everyone!

In Other News:
President Gui-Jan made an important thread about [url=]
trade alliances and server selection[/url]. You may want to check it out.


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