Another Election Update
Posted by: Archive Bot, 12 Mar 2003 06:44
More election results to update.

Our new Department Heads are:
Orbital - Department of Resources (DoR)
Slugeater - Department of the Interior (DoI)
Deak Almar - Department of Economic and Foreign Affairs (DEFA) (Second Term)
Hyeriq - Department of Security (DoS)

Congratulations to everyone!

Department Vice Heads
The newly elected Heads are beginning to select their new Vice Heads. If you are interested in a Department Vice Head position let your Head know of your intentions. Once all Vice Heads have been chosen I'll be sure to let you know.

Status of the Department of Security:
Since Hyeriq was selected for the DS Head position, the DS now has an opening for Secretary. So, if you're in this Department and want to be Secretary, go ahead and nominate yourself at the thread [url=]Interim Department Secretary Election ** Nomination Stage **[/url]

Server Selection
Currently the Foreign Affairs Committee is discussing what server to decide on. No decision has been made as of yet. For more information regarding this you can check out Obo al'Can Foreign Affairs Division Head's thread entitled [url=]So what is the story on Server Selection?[/url]


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