Keep your characters up to date.
Posted by: Archive Bot, 12 Aug 2005 02:32
In the next week or so, we will be adding some new tools to the site for Guild Leaders to use. As a part of these new tools, it will be up to the Guild Leadership for the individual guilds to grant access to their private forums (Sentinels private forums etc), instead of this task being manually preformed by the Site Admins.

When this new system is added to the site full-time we will be clearing the access lists to these private game forums and it will then be up to the guild leaders to reapply access.
This will be a quick process for the leaders to perform, but in order for them to grant access to a member, that member must have at least one character listed on the site, for the appropriate game, for that guild.

For example to regain access to the Sentinels of Avian private forum, you must have a WoW character created on this site. This character can be "Active" or "Inactive" (an Inactive character will only be listed in your forum profile, not on the forums or elsewhere).

To ensure that you regain access as quickly as possible when the change occurs, please check now that your Characters are up to date.

To get to the Character management page, you can use the "Misc Tools" to the left or the "Edit my Characters" link on the forums.
To access the Character management page, you must be a member of Avian Gamers and be logged into the site/forums.


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