All system operational.... well, almost
Posted by: Archive Bot, 29 Mar 2005 10:34
Well, what can I say?
The Hamster got a nasty disease and the vet had to put it down. We didn't even get to keep the body to bury it!
But we had a photo of it from a few weeks back, so at least we will always remember what it looked like.

So we then went out looking for a new Hamster, and we thought we'd found a really nice one. It had a nice shiny coat and lovely white teeth, but it was a bit odd in it's own way. When we put it to work its left side didn't really work in tandem with its right side. So, even though the wheel turned, we decided to shoot that one square between the eyes.

Then we found Robo-Hamster. It's mean, lean and gets the job done nicely.

And so... yeah, we had a few problems with the site, but sure isn't it all sorted now! Mostly.

We lost some data. The content of the forums is from the 25th of March, the rest of the site from the 16th. But we've had much, much worse in the past, so get over it :).
We have a few things to tidy up but everything should be good to go.
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