Election Update
Posted by: Archive Bot, 27 Feb 2003 02:13
We are about mid-way through our current 'stream' of elections. At this point we are currently taking official Department Head nominations. So, if you're interested in taking up the responsibility please visit your Department board and nominate yourself.

Since the last news update we finished up both the Presidential and the Department Secretary elections. Below are the results for those elections.

Presidential Office:
Master Gui-Jan as President
Romsuiag as Vice President

Department Secretaries:
Red Trosky - Department of Resources
Mantison Tau'rus - Department of the Interior
Onto Kracken - Department of Economic and Foreign Affairs
Hyeriq - Department of Security

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck for the next six months in your positions!

In Other News:
The newest version of the FAQ is now up on the main site for everyone to view. It has more information for current members, applicants, and even for members of other PAs.


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