The Wheel of Time turns...
Posted by: Archive Bot, 28 Dec 2002 22:24
It's that time yet again, as the current term for the Board of Directors draws to an end and the election process starts up again.

On Monday (30th Dec), the one-week nomination period for the electing of a new Director, for all nine Sections, will begin.
If you would like to declare your interest in becoming the Leader for your Section and a member of the Board of Directors for the next three months, then watch out for the details of the election in your "Section Archive", from Monday onwards.

The current term for the Board of Directors will end on Sunday 12th of January, as the new team of Directors take their places on Monday the 13th. Once in place, the new Directors will select their Deputies and a new Chairman of the Board.

Once the Section Elections are complete, the election process for the six-month term of the Presidential Office will begin on the 27th of the month.


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