Election Results
Posted by: Archive Bot, 16 Oct 2002 01:10
It is election time again and A2-V2 has begun tallying up the results!

Most of the final results are in for Avian’s current Section Election. Congratulations to all, especially our newest Board members. This term looks to be an exciting one. The remaining Beta tests will happen within this term, which means more information from the developers and eventually the lifting of the NDA, which means more work for the BoD.

It truly is a great time to be an Avian!

So far the lineup for the fourth BoD generation looks like this:

[list] [*]Section 1: Romsuiag

[*]Section 2: Obo al'Can

[*]Section 3: Raptore

[*]Section 4:

[*]Section 5: Tie between X2-PB and Cetera

[*]Section 6: Dragon Fire

[*]Section 7: Marrok

[*]Section 8:

[*]Section 9: Armin Talmari

Tasks remaining for this election period:

[list]- Section 5 will undergo a tie breaker, while sections 4 & 8 will have their final results following soon after.

- The Directors will select their deputies to assist them.

- Once all the seats in the Board of Directors are filled, the Board will select its Chairman for this term.[/list]



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