Crafting mania
Posted by: Archive Bot, 19 Aug 2002 20:13
With the Dev Board “big names” off taking their first steps in a galaxy far, far away, in [url=]Day One of Beta 1[/url], the void they left behind is being filled with some great new “crafting” topics.

After the Developers call for input on mining and crafting, due to strike teams being assigned to implement those features, the number of “crafting” topics has exploded, with PyRathedan, SpiffAntilles and Reng Kole leading the charge.

Just a few of the noteworthy topics include...

[url=](Q) The Economics of Crafting- Is rarity worth implementing?[/url] by PyRathedan

[url=](Q) Corporations - Thier implementation into SWG[/url] by PyRathedan

[url=]The Science of Crafting (The crafting sub-game) Part 1[/url] by Reng Kole

[url=]How fast and how slow? Manufacturing vs Decay[/url] by Reng Kole (as featured in the SWG newsletter)

[url=]The Complete Art of Crafting (Expanded and Updated) Version 2.0[/url] by Reng Kole

[url=]Reply to Holocron's new comments on Crafting, and some replies[/url] by SpiffAntilles


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