Elections almost over
Posted by: Archive Bot, 19 Aug 2002 19:40
The recent round of elections, which have been taking place over the last month or so, are almost finally coming to an end.

Last week Reng Kole became the first elected President of Avian Technology and Trade. Along with his vice-presidential running mate Gui-Jan Itor, Reng will be ensuring that Avian stays true to it founding ideals during his six month term of office, and will be leading the way to ensure Avian gets off to the best possible start once the Galaxy goes live.

With an elected President, the next step in forming the Departments of Avian has taken place. As announced yesterday in the forums by Reng Kole, the positions of Department Heads for the four department have been selected. They are…
  • Dept. of Resources: Just
  • Dept. of Interior: Lendo Horran
  • Dept. of Economic & Foreign Affairs: Deak Almar
  • Dept. of Security: Siygess

With the Dept. Heads now in place the departments can fill their remaining few positions, which will bring this extended round of elections to an end.

The next election is provisionally scheduled for the beginning of October, when the Board of Director positions are to be decided again.


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